My Story

I’m simplifying the process of starting your own business. When launching my business, I found there is a shortage of personable, reliable web developers willing to work for a decent price. The reliable ones were charging an arm & a leg. The others were like pulling teeth to work with. Communication issues, egos, the works.

Most business owners I know seem to be having similar issues. That inspired me to learn how to build websites on my own. Building a website isn’t hard – you just need the right person to make it happen. I am a high motivated, friendly individual that offers payment plans to help you get your dreams started.


Let me introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Erica Stacy & I’m the creator behind Uncomplicated Business Solutions.

For seven years, I’ve owned my own business, NOLA Food Delivery – bringing the city’s best food right to the doors of locals. My food delivery company existed before Grubhub, Seamless & UberEats. You can see the website at www.NOLAFoodDelivery.com. I also have a up-and-coming chef website called I’m With Chef, www.ImWithChef.com, a site were I interview chef’s in order to get to know the personalities behind some of the world’s favorite dishes.

I have lived in New Orleans for over 10 years & I have 15+ years experience in the restaurant industry, so that is my bread & butter [get it?!]

However, my true love is business development. Learning to create thriving businesses is what I enjoy doing. When I experience a problem, it doesn’t remain a problem for long. I find solutions. Some people get a thrill out of jumping out of planes –  I get a thrill when talking to people about how they could monetize their passion & I would love to help you.